Outsourcing Services Agreement

PandaTip: The data entered in the right tokens automatically fills the data in this outsourced service contract model. Before sending the contract established by PandaDoc`s contract management software, read the contract to ensure that your requirements are fully met by the terms of the contract. By providing signatures between the two parties, all of the conditions listed above and confirmation of all services and services provided in this contract are true and agreed upon. This outsourcing service contract is concluded from [Date date] and takes place between [Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName] with headquarters under [Sender.Address] and [Client.FirstName][Client.] LastName] with seat under [Client.Address]. PandaTip: You can customize this price table with your services and prices by clicking on the model table or using the menu on the right. All invoices are due 30 net. The amounts charged are included in the table below and include all deposits, deposits and monthly fees. PandaTip: Once you`ve customized the model to your preferences, just click Send to start the signature process. You and any other signatory can view and sign from any computer or smartphone. PandaTip: Contract law often varies from court to court.

We recommend that you have a lawyer check the terms of a contract your company uses before signing it. You can easily add your lawyer as an additional recipient using the menu to the right of this model! Rights retained. Each party retains all rights, titles and interests on and on its own pre-owned intellectual property, regardless of the transfer of this intellectual property to the other party, subject to the licenses granted to it. EXCEPT AS NOTED BELOW, NEITHER PARTY IS IN ANY CASE LIABLE FOR SPECIAL, INDIRECT, ACCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, OR LOSS OF DATA, EARNINGS OR REVENUE, COST OF CAPITAL OR COST OF FAILURE, EXEMPLARY OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES RESULTING FROM CLAIMS OR LAWSUITS, OR IN ANY WAY RELATED TO THEM OR IN ANY WAY TO THE ENTITY OF THE AGREEMENT. , WHETHER SATO DAMAGES CONTRACT, WRONG, STATUTE, IMPLIED DUTIES OR OBLIGATIONS, OR OTHER LEGAL THEORY, EVEN IF ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES.