Atopic Dermatitis Agreement

On Atopic DermatiteAtopic Dermatitis (AD) – also known as “atopic eczema” – is chronic, Inflammatory heterogeneous skin diseases characterized by intense itching and eczema lesions.2AD is the most common inflammatory skin disease in the developed world3, affecting up to 5% of adults in the United States, Canada, Europe and Japan.4, 5 In infants, atopic dermatitis (eczeme) generally appears as red.4, 5 In infants, atopic dermatitis (eczeme) generally appears as red , spots that are associated with very dry skin. “We are very excited about the recent data we have generated on ASLAN004 and believe it is possible to be a first-rate treatment for atopic dermatitis and other anti-inflammatory indications with a differentiated profile,” said Carl Firth, Chief Executive Officer of ASLAN. “The modification of our agreement with CSL is an important part of our strategy to gain more commercial control and more value from our pipeline programs. We look forward to providing further data on ASLAN004 for atopic dermatitis and studying its potential in other anti-inflammatory indications. A subcutaneous formulation is tested in the second part of the SAD study. In the second half of this year, the company plans to launch a multiple up-dose study in patients with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis. Leo Pharma, a medical dermatology company based in Denmark, has entered into a licensing agreement with two East Asian companies for the development and commercialization of FB825, a new candidate for atopic dermatitis and allergic to asthma. Atopic dermatitis affects about 200 million people worldwide, detected by inflamed red skin and heavy itching. It is the most common dermatological disease.

Atopic Dermatitis (eczema) Signs and symptoms vary considerably from person to person and include: LEO Pharma and biotech Oneness and Microbio Shanghai see great potential in FB825. If the expected profile of treatment can be confirmed in future studies, the product can be expected to help a significant number of patients with atopic diseases. According to a press release, Leo Pharma, Oneness Biotech and Microbio Shanghai have entered into an exclusive global licensing agreement for FB825, a new atopic candidate for dermatitis and asthma-allergic drugs. According to a press release issued on April 15, 2020, Leo Pharma has signed the global exclusivity agreement with Taiwan`s Oneness Biotech and China`s Microbio Shanghai. Under the terms of the agreement, Leo Pharma will provide a down payment of $40 million and milestone payments of up to $530 million, in addition to staggered royalties. Oneness will be responsible for the Phase IIa study of FB825 in AD patients in the United States, and Microbio Shanghai will conduct the Phase IIIa study on allergic asthma in China. In the initial contract, ASLAN carried out the development of ASLAN004 through proof-of-concept and the identification of a partner to lead the project through Phase III and commercialization. The CSL is expected to receive between 40% and 50% of all ASLAN004 revenues, including all funds from non-licensing agreements. “We see a great need for safe and effective oral treatments for people with atopic dermatitis. So it was with great excitement that we used JW Pharmaceutical on their new oral atopic drug dermatitis, JW1601.

At LEO Pharma, we are constantly striving to add innovative new solutions to our pipeline, with the ultimate goal of bringing life-changing drugs to the many patients we serve. This link fits perfectly into our existing biologics, currently in Phase III (tralokinumab) and Phase I (LP0145), as well as our topical delgocitinib currently in Phase II,” said Kim Kjoeller, Executive Vice President, Global Research and Development, LEO Pharma.